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DocBook Framework for OS/2 and eComStation

DocBook Framework

DocBook Framework for OS/2 and eComStation is a bundle of programs and libraries allowing you to manipulate DocBook documents and convert them to 14 output formats: HTML, XHTML, Windows HTML Help, Eclipse Help, Java Help, Unix manual pages, Formating Objects, PDF, PostScript, MIF, SVG, and plain text, Wordprocessing Markup Language and RTF. Freely available for download!

DocBook is a XML-based platform-independent format for books, articles, technical documentation, FAQ, slides, etc. Once you write your stuff in DocBook, you can convert it to a number of output formats.

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Conference Presentations and Papers


The following list contains presentations from Warpstock Europe and Czech Warpstock conferences. Sometimes, they are accompaigned with a paper or various additional materials, such as screenshots, example source code etc. Presentations created until 2003 have broken Czech diacritics because they were created Star Office 5.1 and Open Office 1.1 is not able to properly display them and export into PDF. So be patient with that old piece of software, please...

  1. Czech Warpstock 2009
  2. Czech Warpstock 2008
  3. Czech Warpstock 2007
  4. Warpstock Europe 2006
  5. Czech Warpstock 2006
  6. Warpstock Europe 2005
  7. Czech Warpstock 2005
  8. Czech Warpstock 2004
  9. Czech Warpstock 2003
  10. Czech Warpstock 2002
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