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DocBook Framework for OS/2 and eComStation

What is DocBook Framework? DocBook Framework for OS/2 is a bundle of programs and libraries allowing you to manipulate DocBook source files and convert them to various output formats. The framework itself does not bring any new software to you, it just groups free software downloaded from different places and provides Rexx scripts to configure and launch the software in the right way.

What is DocBook? DocBook is a XML-based platform-independent format for books, articles, technical documentation, FAQ, slides, etc. Once you write your documents in DocBook, you can convert them to a number of output formats while having just one place where you make all modifications – the DocBook document.

The main advantages of using DocBook are the following:


Download DocBook Framework Download DocBook Framework for OS/2 version 1.0.0 as a WarpIn package.
Alternatively, the framework can be also downloaded from the OS/2 Hobbes Archive.

System Requirements

The framework is a bundle of Java software, data files, and Rexx scripts. Therefore, you will need the following stuff installed:

  • Rexx – Every OS/2 and eComStation systems comes with Rexx installed by default.
  • Java. Use Golden Code or InnoTek Java 1.4, if you can. However, IBM Java 1.3 should also work. As Golden Code Java is not publicly available anymore, you will very likely use InnoTek Java 1.4.2, which is bundled with eComStation.
  • WarpIn for installation/deinstallation. Newer eComStation distributions come with WarpIn already installed.

Installation and Deinstallation

DocBook Framework is installed automatically using WarpIn. During installation, your CONFIG.SYS will be modified. If you don't allow WarpIn to perform the modification, you will have to:

  • either modify CONFIG.SYS on your own by adding the "...\Scripts" directory to your PATH, or
  • add the "...\Scripts" directory to your PATH from the command line every time you use the framework.

In addition, java.exe must be in your PATH. It is assumed that PATH already contains a Java "...\jre\bin" directory and no checks are performed, neither during installation nor during normal operation.

Before you start using the framework, take a little time to configure it. A few configuration files must be set up in order for the tools to operate properly. Please read the file PatchTheseFiles.TXT for more details. These changes can be performed automatically and future versions of the framework will contain a little configuration tool that will be executed during installation.

The framework can be uninstalled using WarpIn. You can also delete it manually, but then the WarpIn database will not be consistent with your hard disk's content and you will have to synchronize it.

Components of the Framework

The framework consists of the following components:

  • DocBook 4 DTD and ISO entities.
  • DocBook 4 XSL stylesheets that prescribe how DocBook documents should be converted into other formats.
  • Saxon 6 - XSLT processor that converts a DocBook document into another format using a XSL stylesheet.
  • FOP 0.20.5 - FO processor that converts an FO document (generated by Saxon) into a paged-media document.
  • Rexx scripts that set up the environment properly before launching the programs.

Other software can be plugged into the framework, e.g. XML Mind FO Converter (XFC) or XEP. Rexx scripts for starting them are present in the distribution, but the programs could not be included because of their strict licenses. However, you can easily download them on your own and install them into the "...\SW\XFC" and "...\SW\XEP" directories. Look into the UsefulLinks.TXT file for links to the software.


Here you can find a couple of presentations about the framework:

PDF DocBook, Part 2: DocBook Framework for OS/2 – Presentation from the Warpstock Europe 2005 Conference. November 20, 2005; Dresden, Germany; PDF; 1627 KB.

PDF DocBook Framework for OS/2 – Presentation from the Czech Warpstock 2005 Conference. July 16-17, 2005; Liberec, Czech Republic; PDF; 128 KB.

HTML DocBook Presentation by Jirka Kosek from the Czech Warpstock 2005 Conference. July 16-17, 2005. Liberec, Czech Republic. HTML.

PDF DocBook Framework - Status Report – Presentation from the Czech Warpstock 2006 Conference. September 22-24, 2006; Děčín, Czech Republic; PDF; 66 KB.



See screenshots of the framework working under eComStation. Inside, you will also find examples of input and output documents.

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