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J-Sim – Discrete-Time Process-Oriented Simulation Library Written in Java

J-Sim – What's that? J-Sim is a scientific library for process-oriented discrete-time simulation. It is written in Java 5 and allows you to create your own Java programs that use the concept of process interleaving in discrete model time that simulates real-world phenomens. The primary use of J-Sim is simulation of queuing networks but it can be used for any other purpose. See the list of J-Sim core features!

ZČU Logo J-Sim was originally developed at the University of West Bohemia as output of my M.Sc. thesis; later, it was re-written to provide better performance and offer more features. J-Sim still has its page at UWB but it's not updated anymore as I lost all access to university systems. All new versions and documentation will be published here. You can also check the history page to see how J-Sim evolved over time.

Many examples: J-Sim comes with a lot of examples that you can use to learn J-Sim. They cover all J-Sim features, start with trivial ones (a couple of lines of code) and end up with complex ones. Using these examples, you can learn J-Sim even without reading the documentation.


Download Download J-Sim v. 0.6.0!

J-Sim v. 0.6.0 was released on 2006-08-16. It makes all previous version obsolete. Starting with this version, Java 5 is required, older Java versions are not supported. Please make sure you agree with the license before downloading.


It's Free and It's Open Source

Open Source Iniciative Logo J-Sim is open source and its current version is released under the Academic Free License 2.1. This license has been approved by the Open Source Iniciative (OSI), it has undergone through the OSI approval process and complies with the Open Source Definition. Version 2.1 has been obsoleted by version 3.0, that's why newer J-Sim versions will be released under the Academic Free License 3.0.


J-Sim Tutorial

Tutorial If you are interested in what happens inside J-Sim when your simulation is running or if you simply want to learn how to use J-Sim, you should definitely read the J-Sim Tutorial. First, it explains discrete-time process-oriented simulation in general and then, it explains the internals of the library. Read more »

J-Sim API Documentation

API JavaDoc Browse on-line the J-Sim API documentation generated automatically from source code by JavaDoc. All API documentation is also available off-line as a part of the distribution. The API documentation is especially important if you develop your own software that uses J-Sim. Open the API JavaDoc»

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