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J-Sim Download

J-Sim can be downloaded for free, if you agree with the license.

File Name Size [B] Description Date of Archiving
JSim-0.6.0.ZIP 1.453.249 J-Sim 0.6.0 packed with ZIP
For DOS-like systems: Windows, DOS, OS/2, ...
JSim-0.6.0.tar.gz 718.662 J-Sim 0.6.0 packed with tar and gzip
For Unix-like systems: Linux, BSD, Solaris, ...

Installation Instructions

Follow these several simple steps in order to install J-Sim successfully:

  1. Download a selected file (ZIP or tar.gz).
  2. Put (copy/move) the file into an existing directory.
  3. Unpack the file. A new directory JSim-X.Y.Z will be created which will contain several subdirectories.
  4. Set the CLASSPATH variable to the file .../JSim-X.Y.Z/JARs/JSim-X.Y.Z.jar. The way how to set it differs accordingly to your operating system. Read the file Install.TXT for details.
  5. Please note that there is no need to recompile the source code. Compiled classes (files *.class) and libraries (files *.jar) are platform-independent and therefore will work well in your computer, provided you have Java 5 or newer.

Additional Stuff

In addition to the basic library, you can also download some auxiliary stuff created by individuals not involved in the J-Sim project itself. It is here for your convenience only, without warranty of any kind. Please contact the respective authors if you have any questions or comments.

  1. Distributed simulation with a conservative algorithm by Antonín Kuneš [295 KB]
  2. Distributed simulation with an optimistic algorithm by Jakub Pastyřík [965 KB]
  3. Distributed simulation using the High Level Architecture (HLA) by Stanislav Kožina [6.2 MB]
    The archive contains an extended version of XRTI, modified by the author especially for this master's thesis, a distributed version of J-Sim based on J-Sim 0.3.0, and a few examples.
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