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J-Sim Tutorial

Below you see the J-Sim tutorial in a sliding window. You can also open the tutorial in the whole browser window which is especially useful if you want to print the tutorial right from the web.

Sorry, the included document cannot be easily printed. Please open the tutorial in the whole browser window and then try to print it again.

A High-Print-Quality Alternative

If you look for a high-print-quality document, you should download the J-Sim archive and install J-Sim. In the directory Documentation/PostScript, you will find a PostScript file named JSimDocEnglish.PS. This file is intended to be printed out on a laser PostScript printer in 600×600 dpi resolution. If your printer does not implement PostScript, you can use programs like GhostScript and GhostView to print the file.


Please note that the documentation (both in HTML and in PostScript) refers to J-Sim version 0.1.1, not J-Sim version 0.6.0. Most information is still valid, however the following parts do not provide correct information and should be reviewed:

In addition, all information concerning running in graphic mode is either incomplete or obsolete since the GUI changed completely from 0.1.2 to 0.2.0.

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