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DocBook Framework for OS/2 and eComStation

DocBook Framework

DocBook Framework for OS/2 and eComStation is a bundle of programs and libraries allowing you to manipulate DocBook documents and convert them to 14 output formats: HTML, XHTML, Windows HTML Help, Eclipse Help, Java Help, Unix manual pages, Formating Objects, PDF, PostScript, MIF, SVG, and plain text, Wordprocessing Markup Language and RTF. Freely available for download! Read more »



J-Testy is software for periodic testing of all employees within a company. It allows you to define a bank of test questions divided into categories and build up test templates upon them. Every employee is given different questions, randomly selected. A protocol can be generated after every test, which can printed or exported into PDF, HTML or Excel sheet. (Note: The page is in Czech.) Read more »


OS/2 and eComStation Materials


Find here OS/2 and eComStation related materials, like presentations from Warpstock EU and Warpstock CZ conferences, accompanying screenshots and little code samples, and OS/2 specific software. Read more »



J-Sim is a scientific library for process-oriented discrete-time simulation. It is written in Java 5 and allows you to create your own programs that use the concept of process interleaving in discrete model time that simulates real-world phenomens. The primary use of J-Sim is simulation of queuing networks but it can be used for any other purpose. Freely available for download! Read more »

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